Who is organizing this year’s People’s Global Action on Migration, Development and Human Rights?


Global Coalition on Migration

The Global Coalition on Migration (GCM) is a multi-sector alliance of civil society organizations that
strives to impact global policy on migration, migrant and labour rights, by sharing strategies, empowering,
mobilizing and leading in common action towards advancing human rights and global justice for migrants
and their families. GCM members comprise regional and international networks of migrant led organizations,
migrants rights organizations and advocates, trade unions, faith groups and academia, covering every region around the world.

Transnational Migrant Platform - Europe

Transnational Migrant Platform - Europe (TMP-E) was developed as a transnational migrant initiative and
response in the context of the unprecedented global economic, financial, food and environmental crises.
It was set up in 2008 as a convergence and alliance of several migrant communities from the Global South
– Africa, Asia, Latin America, Morocco and Turkey – as well as European and international organisations
involved in solidarity, anti-racist and global justice work. TMP includes a diversity of migrant organisations
and networks – some of whom have worked together for several years and who have developed strategic
relations and partnerships in Europe and internationally, as well as in counties of origin.’


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